The CASTLE of LA BORDE, historical and cultural heritage presents its wines

A large selection of wines from the wine-growing regions of France: The Loire Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence, Alsace, Rhone Valley …
The choice of these wines was made by the research of producers working the vine with passion and in a traditional way.
Come discover in “LA CAVE de LA BORDE” its bottles that will seduce you and tell you a love story between a man, a terroir and vineyards.
“The preservation of the Castle of LA BORDE, historical and cultural heritage” is a non-profit law association 1901 with the aim of safeguarding, repairing and maintaining the castle of LA BORDE.

When you come to buy our wines, you will have the joy of choosing wines of the highest quality and you will show your support for the association’s cause by becoming a member of the association for one Duration of one year. The user member shall enjoy all the prerogatives of the members of the association except those provided for in the statutes.